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Electric Fence installation Services in Kenya

Trusted Electric Installation Services in Kenya

At Alltech Security Systems we have been repairing and offering installing eletric fence installation service in Kenya for many years. We are an electric fencing company based in Nairobi that provides affordable, reliable and professional electric fence installation services in Nairobi and throughout Kenya. We will ensure that your home or businesses perimeter is always protected. We offer both commercial and residential electric fence installation services.

One of the best security measures for your home is electric fencing. What makes it effective aside from the shock factor is that it will trigger an alarm as soon as it is shorted or broken. This will let you know and your security company know when there is an intruder trying to gain access.

Do you have a factory or office that needs to increase its security? The best form of security is a properly installed electric fence. Contact us today to get a free cost estimate for your project.

Alltech Electric Fence Installation Services In Kenya

Electric fence wire carries the current or electricity in an electric fence. A source of electricity (battery or main electric supply) sends power to an energizer or fence charger, which in turn delivers pulsing signals of electricity through the electric fence wire. When any conducting object or an animal touches the fence, it completes the electric circuit by connecting to ground. As a result, a short electric shock passes through the object or animal in question. Electric fence wire has several benefits over barbed wire.

Most people think that an electric fence’s primary function is to shock a would intruder but actually an electric fence is abel to monitor you perimeter as it is connected to an alarm and can alert you that there is an intruder. The advantages having an electric fence installation  is not only to act as a physical barrier but also as an early warning system that will indicate a breach of perimeter. The main advantages of an electric fence installation include:

  • Acts as a physical barrier,
  • Acts as an early warning system, as intruder will set an alarm off.
  • Offers you Security 24 Hours A Day, 
  • It will electrically shock an intruder, causing physical pain. 
  • Protects your perimeter walls 

Certified Electric Fence Installers in Kenya

Get a certified electric fencing company based in Nairobi. Contact us today for certified installer to install or repair your electric fence.

A warranty is included with every installation in order for you to have peace of mind. Our supplies are from major brands like Nemtek and Stafix and we install new electric fences as well as repair existing fences of any size or type.

  • Stand alone / Freestanding electric fence walls and perimeter protection.
  • New electric fencing for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Repairs as well as maintenance of electric fencing.
  • Top of wall electric fencing for palisade, brick, block walls and more.
  • Electrify your gates.
  • Connect your electric fence to any existing security systems, armed response and alarms you may have.
  • Various strand lines which include 4, 6, 8 and even higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fence that has fixed wires around the area that is being secured. The electric fence has an energizer which in some intervals shoots up the power pulses. Whenever the intruders or animals touch or hit the fence, the electric pulse gives an electric shock to their bodies. In this way, your home or office is protected from any external intruder.

Repairing electric fencing can be difficult. Unless you are experienced, tampering with your electric fence could result in an electric shock. Call us today at Alltech Electric Fence, we have your safety in mind, choose the safe way!

Knowing your requirements will be beneficial but if you are unable to measure the area don’t worry. One of the our teams will do the measuring for you and suggest an appropriate size specific to your property. You should also consider the number of strands and lines you would like your electric fence to have as having more will increase the effectiveness of your electric fence. You can start at 4 lines and go all the way up to 6, 8 or more on top of your existing wall making it higher and more difficult to get over for an intruder.

When determining the cost of the electric fence you will need to keep two things in mind, the height of the fence as well as the area needed to be covered by the fence. The best way to get an accurate price per meter of electric fencing for your property is to give us a call and we will give you a free quote.

We also supply and install access control systemselectric fence installation and alarm systems.

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