Commercial CCTV Installation Services in Nairobi Kenya

Access Security Camera Footage with your PC, Tablet or Smartphone

Commercial CCTV Installation Services in Nairobi Kenya

We have spent years perfecting security and access control systems and installing them in business buildings all over Nairobi. Our commercial CCTV cameras are designed to keep your staff and your assets safe and can be completely personalized to meet your needs and to fall within your budget.

Our commercial CCTV cameras also provide peace of mind to business owners in Nairobi and the surrounding areas by giving them constant visual contact with their workforce, reducing the temptation of pilferage, improving productivity, and reducing time-wasting. Our workplace CCTV installation gives you access to 24 hour digital recording from your own office, or remotely by internet with a live feed to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Keep Your Business Safe with the Right Commercial CCTV Cameras

Commercial CCTV cameras have been proven to be an excellent deterrent to pilferage, vandalism, trespassing and theft, alongside providing helpful visual records.

Whether you work in a large office, own a retail store, or have smaller premises, there are a number of commercial CCTV models to choose from, including IP CCTV systems, CCTV cameras, security cameras for outdoors, and video entry security systems.

AI and cutting edge technology now allows businesses to use HD IP camera systems providing more detail, wider coverage and easier streaming than ever before. Whether you are looking for ‘highly visible CCTV installation near me’, or need an unobtrusive, discreet model, the expert installation team at Armour Security are here to help.

Alongside providing immediate information through a live feed via the internet to your smartphone or other device, the data is recorded into an HD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or IP security storage, compete with real-time date and time stamps.

There are several reasons why you would want to inquire about having CCTV cameras installed by the professionals at Alltech Securuty Systems in Nairobi. For example, as a residential customer, you might be interested in installing CCTV cameras to increase the security of your home. We also cater for many small business clients who desire the 24/7 business protection and associated peace of mind that one of our CCTV installers in Nairobi Kenya can bring them. They join a wider range of commercial clients who come to us for the likes of access control and intruder detection systems. CCTV camera installation services also have obvious worth in the public sector, where there is a need to provide security at a price that represents value for money for the taxpayer.
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Alltech Commercial CCTV Installation Services in Nairobi

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